A high school romance-themed visual novel.

After my college graduation and the completion of Final Week (FW), I wanted to do something ambitious. I consider FW to be an experimental visual novel, seeing how my characters interact with each other; in other words, I don't consider FW to be canon. This is where Memoria comes in; using the characters from a scrapped project (see 180 Degrees), I consider Memoria their official story.

Planned features of Memoria include:

  • Uses the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine
  • Uses 100% original character artwork, no appropriated characters
  • Original background images (previous VNs had appropriated BGs)
  • Original music (previous VNs had appropriated music)
  • Ability to save and load games, in addition to quick-save and quick-load
  • Ability to customize game settings
  • More characters and sub characters
  • Widescreen (1280x720, previous VNs were 800x600)
  • A longer story, more character development
  • Five endings (one for each girl)
  • Replayability, play it again to experience the story with another girl and/or get all the event CGs

Compared to my other VNs, Memoria is a long-term project. It will be released when I feel it's ready, unlike my other VNs, which were subject to time constraints.

Learn more at Project Memoria, the development blog


More images can be found at the Pixæl Soft Gallery.

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