Dating Sim

An anime-style visual novel project.

This is my very first visual novel, and is credited for sparking my interest in the creation of them. Created as a final project for my VSAR 130: Visual Arts Fundamentals class, the project was originally a manga (anime comics). One night, the thought of visual novel creation has popped up. Since then, I have fell in love with the medium, and has been with with me since.

The game was created using Adobe Flash. The graphics were appropriated from a Japanese visual novel, Natsumegu.

You play as a guy who is conflicted between fantasy and reality, and tries to get a girlfriend. There are three girls and three endings. Who will you end up with?

Play it now | Download (33.1 MB)

Note: I left out the extra goodies in the download. The HTML file may say otherwise but they have been removed in order to reduce download size. If there's sufficient demand to see those resources I might include the files. And obviously, you can't view these goodies if you "play it now."

Contains mild language and suggestive dialogue


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