Links and Resources

Web Design Resources

  • W3Schools - Great resource for (X)HTML, CSS, and more.
  • css Zen Garden - A great site demonstrating the powers of CSS design.
  • - Part of my inspiration for this site. Also provides web design services.
  • W3C Validator - Validate any webpage, checking whether or not it conforms to (X)HTML standards.

Visual Novel Resources

  • Article on Visual Novels - An excellent article explaining what visual novels are.
  • Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine - An excellent game engine for creating your own VNs. Also provides links to free (and commercial) VNs created with Ren'Py.
  • Novelty - Another VN engine that can serve as an alternative for Ren'Py.
  • OELVN Community Wiki - Provides useful resources and essays regarding VNs.
  • Visual Novel Database - An excellent site that aims to be a comprehensive VN database. In addition to finding Japanese VNs, you can find others in various languages.

General Anime Links


  • Gunlord500 - A humble blog run by one of my old forum friends.
  • Abyssal Chronicles - "Tales of" is the name of one of my favorite video game series. A great site in getting the latest news of the series.
  • Dorig Designs - My older sister's site providing services specializing in kitchen and bath design. Come check out her site!
  • Newegg - If you're ever thinking about building a computer, Newegg is an excellent site for getting the parts you need. They have a reputation for fast shipping (within 3 days).

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