About me

Computers have been with me for as long as I can remember. They have been a source for most of my curiosities, ranging from tinkering around the Windows control panel, troubleshooting, and even programming. In high school, I took classes such as BASIC, Pascal and C++ programming, as well as digital imaging.

During my college years, I was allowed to explore more about myself. I entered college as a computer science major. However, I wanted something that allowed to explore more of my creative side, while still working with computers. That's when I decided to become an arts and technology major. It is then I explored my love for Japanese anime-style art. Several of my big art projects consisted of visual novels (VNs). Utilizing Adobe Flash and Ren'Py (a VN engine), I was able to create something that not only involved computers, but anime art as well.

I was self-taught in learning HTML and CSS, as well as computer repair. One of my goals is to one day offer services in web design and computer repair. In conjunction, I hope to sell anime-style VNs one day; I want to spread the word of VNs, and allow people to appreciate cultural differences as well as enjoying new things.

I am currently working towards an A+ certification in computer maintenance.

About visual novels

Visual novels (VNs) are a popular genre of game in Japan, while being relatively unknown in the West. These games are story-oriented as opposed to other games in the market. They usually consist of layered images (usually anime-style) juxtaposed with text, sound effects, voice acting, and music.

For a longer description, check out the article on visual-novels.net. If you want to play some free VNs, check out the Ren'Py page.

About this site

Pixæl Works is pronounced "pixel works." I wanted a site name that both reflected my love of computers, and sounded anime-ish. Fact: The "æ" in the site's name is an actual letter used in the Norwegian and Danish alphabets.

One site that has inspired me to create Pixæl Works is evaneckard.com. Evan Eckard's online portfolio serves as the basis of this site, and is great to model off of if you're just beginning to create an online portfolio. Another influence is the Visual Novel Database (VNDB); besides my love of anime art, I feel that the VNDB utilizes a simple design and only uses images when necessary to convey its information. Pixæl Works' web design utilizes elements from both Eckard's site and the VNDB.

Despite Pixæl Works being hosted on a subdomain, I registered the domain pixaelsoft.com; in the future if I ever start my own web design or visual novel business, Pixæl Soft will be its home. There's nothing in there at the moment!

My skill set

  • (X)HTML
  • CSS
  • Some PHP
  • C# programming
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Flash
  • Creating music with Reason
  • Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine
  • Building computers
  • Computer maintenance - installing/uninstalling software, hardware maintenance, troubleshooting (self-taught)

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