Check out my past and current projects here.

Current works

Visual novels (VNs) are a popular genre of game in Japan, being relatively unknown in the West. Memoria, a VN, aims to help VNs be more known in the West, and let people appreciate cultural differences.

Project Memoria
This blog is dedicated to tracking the progress of the visual novel project, Memoria. With the help of my younger sister, come follow us as we work to put together a visual novel!

Past works

Final Week
VPA 425 - Capstone Workshop
Created as a big final project before my college graduation, Final Week is an anime-style romantic genre visual novel. This is my first VN utilizing original anime artwork.

KINE 306 - Exercise Fitness & Health
Created for a college final project, CardioQuiz quizzes you on your knowledge of cardiovascular diseases. Do you have what it takes to make a healthy heart?           

Ryne OS v1.0
VSAR 404 - Art and Web Design
An Adobe Flash website project housing my other small projects in the class, including Flash animations and Photoshop art. A major theme of the site is raising the awareness of malicious software, or malware.

180 Degrees
VPA 302 - Process of Art
My second visual novel created as a final project, using Adobe Flash and appropriated anime artwork. This is the most emotional project I created; it's about me and the girl I first loved.

Dating Sim
VSAR 130 - Visual Arts Fundamentals
This is the first visual novel I created, using Adobe Flash and appropriated anime artwork, and sparked my interest in VNs. This game is a satirical piece about fantasy and reality.

VSAR 302 - Computer and Visual Arts
In this project, I was tasked to photograph my classmates and friends, and arrange them in interesting layouts. What are the stories behind the images? Use your imagination!

Collij (College) - A Place for Friends
VSAR 302 - Computer and Visual Arts
I was given the task to Photoshop "graffiti" around a classroom, addressing a social issue among teens and young adults. Issues with MySpace include "popularity contests" as well as internet drama.

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