Ryne OS v1.0

An Adobe Flash website with a focus on malware awareness.

This site was created for my VSAR 404: Web Design class, as a hub for other projects in the class. The class emphasized using web design software such as Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver, as well as using CSS and web standards (such as adhering to W3C standards and accessibility). As a part of the curriculum, I had to choose two topics, a social issue and a graphic design history topic; I picked malware awareness and Marcel Duchamp, respectively, with an emphasis on the former.

Once you enter the site, you are presented with the following options:

  • Exercises: Adobe Flash animation utilizing onion skins and shape tweening. A short piece about the effects of malware.
  • Montage: Photoshop project about the effects of malware, specifically identity theft.
  • Words: Adobe Flash animation with an emphasis on text. Text animations represent how you would react to malware.
  • Squares: I am assigned four black squares, with the task of animating them, and relating to my social issue topic.
  • Parody: A humorous piece utilizing elements from Dada artist Marcel Duchamp and malware awaraeness.
  • History: A sub page about Marcel Duchamp. There are two links in the image: one leading to my graphic design paper styled with CSS, the other a gallery showcasing Duchamp's works.
  • Issue Paper: My research paper about malware styled in CSS.
  • FX: Adobe Flash animation showing use of masks. A humorous piece about identity theft.
  • Links: Some interesting links about malware, including anti-malware laws.

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