180 Degrees

A touching visual novel project.

This was created as a final project for my VPA 302: Process of Art class. As my second visual novel, this game expands on the engine that powered Dating Sim. Features that were new to 180 Degrees were:

  • Ability to jump around scenes
  • Ability to return to title
  • Volume slider (only for music)

When creating this project, I thought of an event that happened to me five months prior. I went on a trip to the Eastern US, visiting a girl I loved and have known via the internet and phone. However, things did not go so well near the end of the trip. After I came back home, our relationship drastically went downhill. The following months were emotionally heartbreaking for me.

180 Degrees is largely based on these events. I found this to be the most emotional out of all my projects as it involves the first girl I loved.

The game was created using Adobe Flash. Artwork was appropriated from a Japanese visual novel, Nagisa No. Unlike Dating Sim, there are no decision/branching points. This visual novel follows a linear route.

Aside from Julia (the main girl), I named the other female characters Anna, Aurelia, and Mikaela. The three girls have significant meaning as they represent characters for a (now scrapped) project.

Play it now | Download (56.3 MB)

Note: I left out the extra goodies in the download. The HTML file may say otherwise but they have been removed in order to reduce download size. If there's sufficient demand to see those resources I might include the files. And obviously, you can't view these goodies if you "play it now."


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